Use of Personal Data

Do you only use the personal data you have collected for the purposes you have obtained consent for?

For personal data collected before the data protection rules of the PDPA come into operation (i.e. 2 July 2014), are you using the personal data only for the purposes that it was obtained for?

You should ascertain whether you may use personal data without consent as exceptions under the Third Schedule and other sections of the PDPA.

You should only use personal data for the purposes you obtained consent for.

For personal data collected before 2 July 2014, you may use it only for the purposes for which it was collected. But if the person has withdrawn consent thereafter, you may not use it. If you need to use the personal data for a new purpose, fresh informed consent should be obtained.


For personal data collected after 2 July 2014, you should get informed consent for the collection, use and disclosure of the person's personal data.