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Thank you for visiting the PDPA Singapore Compliance & Template site. We intend to provide general information on the law, which should not be construed as legal advice at all. If you are looking for advice on a specific matter, you are encouraged to contact us directly. We strongly advise you to not disclose personal or confidential information until a lawyer client relationship has been established, which will only occur in lieu of conflict of interest.

Do you collect personal data?

Do you collect, store, manage or deal with personal data about anyone including your customers, employees or suppliers including:

  • Full name

  • NRIC, FIN or Passport number (including copies or images of the NRIC, work pass or passport)

  • Photograph or video image of an individual (including CCTV, photography or filming at events)

  • Mobile or home telephone number (not company or corporate office number)

  • Personal email address (not company or corporate email address)

  • Thumbprint

  • DNA profile

  • Residential address (not company or corporate office address)


Personal data means data, whether true or not, about an individual who can be identified: (a) from that data; or (b) from that data and other information to which the organisation has or is likely to have access.