Do Not Call (DNC) Registry

If you do any telemarketing, do you first ensure that people on your marketing list have given their consent to your marketing communication? Such marketing communication could be via phone call, text messages or fax. Are their consent evidenced in written or other accessible form?

Do you have a procedure to check with the Do Not Call (DNC) Registry before starting your telemarketing campaign?

If you buy databases of contact information from third parties for your telemarketing, do you ensure that the third party has obtained the necessary consents?

When you make a voice call containing a marketing message, is your calling number concealed or withheld from the person?

Do your telemarketing messages include clear and accurate information identifying your organisation as well as contact details?

If you outsource the telemarketing function, do you ensure that the vendor complies with the DNC obligations in the PDPA?


The PDPA generally prohibits you from sending telemarketing messages to Singapore telephone numbers, including mobile, land line, residential and business numbers, registered with the DNC Registry. If the individual has not given you clear and unambiguous consent, evidenced in written or other accessible form, to the sending of the telemarketing messages to his/her number, you will need to check the DNC Registry before sending your telemarketing messages.

If you are making a voice call, or in some way allowing the making of a voice call, which has a marketing message, you should ensure that the calling or sending number is not concealed or withheld.

The telemarketing message should contain information about your organisation and how the person can contact you. The message should generally be valid for at least 30 days after the message is sent, to allow the person to contact you for clarifications, if necessary.

Whether you are sending the telemarketing messages or authorising another organisation to do so, you have to ensure that such messages are not sent to Singapore telephone numbers registered with the DNC Registry unless clear and unambiguous consent to the receipt of telemarketing messages to the Singapore telephone numbers have been obtained.


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